Hi, I’m Topaz

Hi, my name is Topaz, and I am four weeks old.

I’m just a little girl pup, but I’m a golden retriever so I know I’ll be a lot bigger before too long. I don’t really know a whole lot right now except how to snuggle with my brothers and sisters and mom.

This is me with my sisters. I’m the one with the orange collar.

I heard the people we live with say I was “chosen.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it makes me feel special. I like the sound of it!  I will have to keep my ears open to see if I hear anything else they might say about me. But I’m really sleepy now. I like to sleep a lot.





  1. Hi, Topaz! You are a precious puppy, chosen for a special life. I look forward to seeing your development and I know you will be dearly loved.


  2. Hi Topaz, you’re so cute I can’t wait to meet you. I know already that you’re going to have a very special life. In less than a month you’ll be in your new home. See you soon!
    God bless, miss Donna


  3. Dear Topaz, You are a beautiful little girl pup. You heard right you are chosen and by a good family. I hope to meet you someday. Your friend Carlene


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