Today is THE day!!!

Today is THE day!!

I am going home now with my forever family!! They came and picked me up this morning and put me in their truck.


I had to say goodbye to my mom (who seemed kind of stressed) and brothers and sisters (who all are also going to their forever homes) and the people I’ve been living with who have loved and taken care of me since I was born. That’s kind of sad, but my excitement and happiness to be with my new family pushes out any bad or scared feelings.

I’m sitting in a lap on a pillow right now. I like it here, but I’m feeling kind of wiggly and antsy and I whine sometimes because it’s all extremely overwhelming.


I’m not really used to riding in cars either, so I started feeling sick once we got going, and then I lost it. I considered being a Proverbs 26:11 dog, but the man stopped the truck and tossed my reconstituted breakfast on the side of the road. So I didn’t eat it.


The man and woman are really nice and told me they love me and have been looking forward to meeting me! They’ve been hugging me and petting me and smiling a lot. It makes me happy!

The woman said her name is Kat. Even though I’m a dog I still think I’m going to love her a lot! She said we are going to be ministry partners and best friends. I’m not sure what all that means, but I’m eager to find out!

Her husband (the guy who is driving the truck) is named Mike. I like him a lot, too. I think he likes dogs and I can tell he loves me already! He held me while Kat ran into Walmart to get me a new collar and harness. I slipped right out of the first one she put on me, but my new one fits pretty well, I think.


There is another dog in the truck, too. I’m not so sure what he thinks of me yet. His name is Stewart.


Kat says Stewart and I will be good friends once we get to know each other. He growled a little bit when I first got in the truck, but Kat and Mike told him to stop, and he did. He seems friendly (other than the growl), so I will just be my happy, playful self and see what happens! Right now he just seems to either want to sniff me a lot or just ignore me. That’s ok. I like to sniff, too, and I can find fun things to do on my own: like hopping around as if I’m a rabbit!

All this newness has worn me out.


I did say hello to a little boy in the Burger King parking lot. He was pointing to me and waving, so I tried to be as cute as I could and paw at the window to wave back at him. That was fun. But now I’m tired so I think I’ll sleep awhile. Kat said we still have 4 1/2 hours in the truck till we get home. That sounds like a long time, but what do I know, I’m just a puppy!




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