Why Topaz?

Today Kat told me why she chose to name me Topaz. I’ve been wondering why everyone started calling me that. Now I know!

Kat told me she liked the sound of it and liked the meaning behind it:

1. Topaz is a precious jewel.

Kat said I am her precious jewel and ministry partner.

2. Topaz comes in golden shades. I am a golden retriever – golden in color!

3. Topaz is the traditional November birthstone. November is Kat’s birth month. She says I am her gift from God!

4. Blue topaz is the state gemstone of Texas. Kat says she is a Texan and now I can be a Texan along with her – ex officio!

5. According to Wikipedia an English superstition held that topaz cured lunacy. Kat said I was a stabilizing factor and brought sanity into her life. She was chuckling a little when she told me this, not in a “crazy Kat lady” kind of way, but in an “I’m kinda kidding” kind of way.

6. In the Bible the book of Revelation tells about jewels adorning the foundation walls of the new Jerusalem. The ninth foundation listed is Topaz! So that’s neat that my name is in the Bible. And Kat says that I am foundational for our therapy dog ministry and that through it we will be doing things to bring God glory into eternity!

I love my name!! And I’m happy Kat chose to call me Topaz!


  1. Great information on topaz very interesting. A beautiful way to share our Heavenly Father gifts that build a strong foundation in our daily journey

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  2. Topaz you are pretty little girl and I am excited about meeting you! I know you will have a lot of love for the Sunshine Ladies when we visit. Your friend and admirer, Carlene

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  3. You are just TOO cute. I love seeing you on the porch checking out your surroundings. Wait til you get to meet all the grandchildren, you’re going to love them too! And, your name is perfect for all those interesting reasons.

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