Saturdays At My New Home…

This time last week I was heading home with my new family. Today I’m experiencing my first Saturday here.

I like it that Mike is home today. He got to join in on our early morning play time!

I took a quick power nap while Kat and Mike ate their breakfast. Table legs make great pillows, FYI.

Mike, Kat, Stewart and I ran some errands. I’m glad it’s just a short truck ride today!

I climbed high atop Mt. Thompson.

And Mike’s Peak

I helped Mike and Kat load up a wood pile to haul away. I was in charge of chewing.

I ran as far, far away as I could run when Mike started making this loud noise with something called a chainsaw. Kat followed me and told me it was ok and he would stop soon. And he did. Whew!

They got Chick Fila for lunch, but they said I couldn’t have any.


But I did get a lick. Mike tastes kinda like chicken.


I had an encounter with a milk jug. I let it know who is boss.

Who knows what other fun awaits the day!


Love, Topaz


    • Thank you, Ms. Fuller! Maybe Kat and I can team up for other things like this, too! As long as it’s fun! I like fun! Love, Topaz ❤️


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