A Good Surprise

I surprised Kat this evening! It was a good kind of surprise, not the kind of surprise you step in or smell. She said she was so proud of me! I like it when Kat tells me I am a good girl!

Kat had just given Stewart and me our dinner. Sometimes she is funny and says in a silly voice, “Do you want your doggy doggy din din?” Of course I say a resounding “YES!” with every ounce of body language I can muster! Anyway, as I was eating my doggy din din Kat was trying to figure out what to fix for Mike’s and her sapien sup sup. She didn’t notice when I finished eating and went to the front door.

I considered my options and decided to ring the bell by the front door on my own like she has shown me to do every time I go outside. “Ring, ring.” Kat came running to the door exclaiming, “Good girl, good girl!!!” Then she let me outside.

I was glad that ringing the bell made her so surprised and happy!


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