Laundry Day

Kat told me I have been keeping her so busy she has not had time to do her laundry. So as she finally was getting it done today I figured I would try to help her.

I had my own ideas on organizing. I thought that dragging the clothes out of the piles so you could see them would be best. Kat did not seem to like my methods because she kept undoing all my accomplishments and returning them to her neat piles.

I kept trying to help anyway.

She particularly did not appreciate my help when I forgot that I couldn’t drag what she was wearing into my new piles. She told me this made her sad (and maybe a little mad) with me. I don’t think she likes this pretty hole art my teeth carved in her sweatshirt.

I also tried to help her fold her sweatshirt as she took it out of the dryer.

And hang up Mike’s shirt.

Every time I tried to help Kat would say, “drop it” and give me a treat to put in my mouth instead of the clothes. I like treats so that is an easy choice!

I guess Kat would rather just do the laundry herself today, so I’ll just lie here and keep her company for now!

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