Toy – Destroy – Boy – Annoy

When Kat first brought me home on February 10 she gave me a toy. She said it was my special toy. I loved my special toy and liked to chew it and snuggle with it.

But… my special toy is now in a million pieces. Stewart plays with toys much more roughly than I do, and he thought it looked pretty special, too.

Kat doesn’t like it and is extremely annoyed when Stewart the Boy – Destroyer of Toys demolishes yet another stuffed critter in a matter of minutes. She said she has lost count of the number of plush playthings he has pulverized.

It is completely undone, and there is white fluff everywhere, but I still managed to find a few body parts left to snuggle and chew. So I told Kat it’d be ok.

And I’m still buddies with Stewart, so she doesn’t need to be annoyed!


  1. Aw topaz, so sorry about your toy! 🙁 but I see that you are quite forgiving…a wonderful attribute which is so good to have in life. Lots of special times ahead for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Ms. Donna! I think YOU are special and I appreciate you letting me rest my head on your foot while I slept last Tuesday afternoon!
      Love, Topaz


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