Family Is Fun!

Last week I got to meet Kat’s oldest daughter, Kaitlin, and her family. It was fun! They made me feel special and gave me lots of attention!

Kaitlin said I am soft and fluffy. I guess that’s why she liked to rub my fur. That’s ok with me!

Kaitlin’s husband, Justin, held me in his lap for awhile.

I felt a kinship with him because he has a furry face like Mike and me! Justin is nice like Mike, too!

Kat’s granddaughters were fun, too! They are little people and they ran around screaming and shrieking and laughing. It was exciting and entertaining zipping around with them and trying to figure out what they were doing.

Kat told me that soon I’ll get to meet her other daughter, Marilyn! I love meeting more family!!


Love, Topaz

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