Topaz – Tagged – Terrific!!

Kat left me for a little while this morning, but when she got back she showed me something she’d gotten for me.

At first I thought it was a treat.

But it wasn’t. I won’t say it’s something better than a treat because that’d be really hard to say! But it IS something good.

Kat said she got it for me at Petco.

Now everyone for sure will know that I’m Topaz Thompson! It also has Kat’s phone number on it so if anyone needs to talk to me they can reach me through her cell phone. That works!

I think I look pretty sporty with my new jewelry accessory!


  1. Your bling really brings out your beauty. Wow! You have your own phone number. That’s really special and unique for one your young age. 😊

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  2. Topaz you are a pretty little golden girl with your new tag. I am looking forward to meeting you this week when we visit your Kat to put the flowers together.

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