I am Golden

I’m a golden retriever.

Here are some things about me:

1. When I’m fully grown I will weigh 55-65 pounds. Right now I weigh 20 pounds so I am about a third of the way there! I need more treats, I think!

2. I have an instinctive love of water. This explains why I love to play in mud puddles, drink from and splash in the gutter downspout during rain showers, and jump in Kat’s shower while the water is running! Sometimes I get a little carried away getting in and out of the shower! Oops!

Sometimes I get a little carried away and knock things down.

3. I am easy to train. Kat says I’m a fast learner! I can already sit, go to a down position, ring the bell to go outside, go in my crate, and wait for my food. Kat is working on teaching me other things, too!

4. I shed a lot. Kat told me she needs to start carrying around a lint roller because she is always finding hairs on her clothes. I’m not sure what the issue is here. What’s wrong with hair?

5. I have a friendly, gentle temperament by nature – that’s the way God made me! This means I would NOT make a very good guard dog, but I WILL be a good therapy dog some day! Yay!

6. I am not a picky eater. I like food. I like treats. I like hotdogs. I like carrots. I like cheese. I like yogurt. I like chicken. I like bananas. I like everything Kat has ever given me to eat!

7. I am intelligent. Golden retrievers like me are one of the brightest breed of dogs ranked by obedience-command trainability.

8. I love activity and fun! I love to play fetch and tug of war. Kat says when I’m bigger she will take me on runs with her. That’ll be fun for sure!!

9. I am eager to please. I love Kat and I like it when she is happy with me!


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