I Love Sunshine

Today was a super special day. It was a sunny day filled with love. The sun WAS out, but I’m talking about the warmth I felt in my heart, not on my fur!

Today lots of ladies came to our house to eat lunch and help Kat make some flower arrangements to take to a nursing home. I got to meet them all and they were so nice to me!

Sharon was the first to arrive and I got real excited to see her. So she took me outside while Kat did a quick clean up of my excitement. She was so sweet to me!

I also got to see Donna again. I laid my head on Donna’s feet last time she visited. I love Donna!

And I got to meet Carlene. I remembered she has commented on my blog, so I was very happy to meet her!

And Lou has left me notes on my blog, too! It was wonderful getting to meet her.

And Emily was kind to me even when I got a little too face-to-face with her little boy, John.

Before the ladies arrived Stewart and I helped Kat in the kitchen while she prepared lunch. She gave us a few samples so we didn’t mind helping by manning the sink area.

After they ate lunch and put the flowers together they all left for the nursing home. Kat said once I am a therapy dog I can go with them. I would love to be part of the Sunshine ladies!!

I love Sunshine!


  1. It WAS a fun day, and you’re right, it would be great if you could go with us someday! Listen well when you go to school and we’ll see what happens 😉

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