My Best Beastie Buddy, Stew

When Kat and Mike first brought me home on February 10, 2018 Stewart did not seem to like me very much. He just turned thirteen in March and he can be a little old and set in his ways.

Sometimes he would growl at me and give me wide-eyed, disapproving, dirty looks.

Sometimes he would just ignore me.

But I kept trying to play with him. I continued being my cute, happy, joyful self – just the way God made me!

And now Stewart is my best beastie buddy! I give my best doggy friend lots of Topaz hugs.

I love it when Stewart plays with me!!!

We like to romp around outside together, playing chase.

And keep away.

And hop on pop.

Sometimes we just hang out on the front porch together.

And then we come inside and play tug of war.

And chew on Stew.

Stewart likes to pin me to the ground, so lots of times I will roll over on my back to make it easier for him to chew on and lick my face and ears.

Sometimes when he’s sitting around the house I like to perch on top of him and nibble his head. He doesn’t mind at all.

After we play hard we sleep even harder. Sometimes we cuddle up together.

Because when it’s all said and done we are best beastie buddies!


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