Topazing Through History

Today I got to walk through history at Colonial Williamsburg.

There were lots and lots of people there – more than I’d ever seen. And many of them asked if they could pet me.

Young people…

Older people…

Everyone in between…

And even a nice, real live colonial lady…

They all told me I was cute and sweet and beautiful and a good dog. I loved all the attention and pats!!

Kat told some of them about my plans to be a therapy dog. She gave some people my business card, so I hope they will find my blog!


I got to meet some other dogs. We sniffed each other and I was cool with them.

I saw some interesting animals I’d never seen before, but I didn’t care much about them because they looked too busy to notice me.

Once we got back to the truck I was tired so I slept all the way home.

It will go down in history as yet another fun day of Topazing!


  1. Topaz, what a fun day you had! Dogs have a way of bringing people together and you’re helping Kat to be a minister of Good News, so proud of you!
    Keep up the good work; can’t wait to hear about your upcoming time in school. 💜

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  2. Topaz, you are truly a great therapy dog now. God made you to bless the people around you and you are doing that to all you come in contact with. I believe you and Kat will be showered with Gods blessings as you two walk this journey together. Your Friend, Carlene

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