First Day of School!

This week I went to school for the first time! I had a little recess outside for awhile before I went into class.

My school is called Perfect Paws. I’m not sure I’ll ever be perfect, but hopefully I will learn lots of things over time so I can be a good canine citizen!

There were four other dogs in class with me. We barked at each other some, but we got used to being all together by the end of the class.

One of my classmates is a big Doberman. She was next to me in the circle and I kept barking at her. I’m not sure why, but she made me feel unsettled.

During class we practiced sit, down, watch, and heel. I can do it all with help from Kat, and lots of treat rewards! I love treats!

After class we got in the car to come home.

I have lots of homework this week! I want to be ready for my next class!


  1. Aw Topaz, I love this pic of you in the car, you look so determined and ready for what is ahead.
    You can do this and I look forward to seeing your accomplishments! ❤

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