Four-legged Four Month Old!

I’m four months old now!! Kat says before long I’ll be bigger than Stewart!

I have started my puppy class now. I’ve been studying hard every day, practicing my lessons and learning as I grow. I love it when Kat does things with me; it’s always fun and I get lots of treat rewards!

I watch and wait intently when I know there is a yummy morsel coming my way. I just have to figure out what I need to do to get it. Sometimes it is sitting down. Sometimes it’s going to a down position. Sometimes it’s staying and letting Kat walk away from me or all around me. Sometimes it’s leaving things alone. Sometimes it’s walking or running along beside her. Sometimes it’s just waiting till she says the magic word, “OK.” Those words are music to my ears because it usually means treats for my tummy!

Kat says everything we do and all that I am learning will move me further toward being able to be a therapy dog. Yay! I will keep working hard. Keep the kibbles coming!

Growing up is great!


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