Main Street Meanderings

This week Kat took me for a walk down Main Street in Gloucester. I met a few people and sniffed and saw lots of sights.

Gloucester courthouse has lots of green grass.

I love grass!!!

We saw a statue of Pocahontas. Kat said she lived around here a long time ago before I was born. I wonder if she liked her home and walking around and sniffing the plants and flowers as much as I do?

We walked past an elementary school and a church. Kat said when I’m a therapy dog I might be able to go into schools like that.

We saw the fire station.

Kat said Gloucester is a very historical place. It must be because they have a whole building just to tell people about it!

Kat showed me her favorite place to eat on Main Street – Sweet Tooth Bakery.

Why has she never taken me HERE before!!

We walked past Ware Produce where Kat often buys fruits and vegetable.

I wonder if they sell carrots? I LOVE carrots!

Our last stop was a newly renovated Texaco station. Kat said it’s one of the oldest in the country and now they’ve fixed it up to look nice.

It was a fun walk! I hope we can go again soon!

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