Dog Day Disruptions

My doggie days have been disrupted from my normal life’s schedule. It’s been kind of hard and weird.

Kat said goodbye to me and left Sunday morning. Mike told me their daughter is sick and in the hospital so Kat needed to go be with her. When I’m a therapy dog I’ll be able to go to hospitals, too. I wish I could go this time!

Since Kat is gone Mike has been getting me up early before he goes to work.

I go outside.

I get some snuggle time in Mike’s lap.

Sometimes I get to his chair before he does!

I rest in my bed while Mike gets ready for work.

And then Mike calls me to the kitchen, where he puts up these gates so Stewart and I can’t run around the rest of house.

I really miss Kat, and it’s been some really long days. But I have Stewart to keep me company, so that’s nice.

And today two of the super sweet and nice Sunshine nursing home ministry ladies came and let me outside to romp and play. They gave me lots of love and attention. I love them a LOT!

I really am happy when Mike gets home, though!

And I really miss Kat and will be glad when her daughter is better and she can come home!

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  1. Aw Topaz I know it’s hard, missing your favorite person! Glad I got to see you yesterday a little while. You’ll be ok, hang in there!

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