My Life Just Got Weirder

Life as I knew it became disrupted when Kat left me last Sunday to go attend to her sick daughter in a North Carolina hospital. But Mike was still here and I was still home, so it wasn’t too strange. Yesterday Mike left to go down to be with them. Now things have gotten really weird!

Stewart and I got into Mike’s truck yesterday afternoon and he drove us to a place with a bunch of other dogs. Lots of them were barking and it scared me and I froze. Mike rubbed my head and neck and patted me and told me it would be ok and he would be back as soon as he could.

A nice lady named Wanda put me in a kennel with Stewart. It’s not too bad because there is a door where we can go in and out and Mike brought our soft dog bed from home.

Wanda comes every now and then to let us romp around outside. Stewart told me he has been here before and it’s not too bad. He said Wanda is very nice and loves dogs. Stewart said Mike and Kat always come back and take us home before too long.

It’s a lot different from home. And I really miss Kat and Mike. But Stewart is here with me and he keeps me company. I love Stewart.

I hope my life goes back to normal soon!! Did I say I miss Kat a lot? Yeah, I do! I’ll bet Kat misses me a lot, too!

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