A Far Away Voice

Mike picked me up from the kennel on Saturday and I was so happy to see him and thrilled to be back home!

Mike has been giving me lots of love and attention since we’ve been back home. Kat is still gone. Sometimes I look for her around the house just to make sure I haven’t misplaced her.

But I haven’t found her yet.

I’m pretty sure she’s still gone because sometimes Mike talks on a little thing he holds in his hand and I hear her voice. It sounds far away, but it makes me sit up and take notice. Sometimes she says my name and tells me she loves me. I like to hear her voice!

I heard her tell Mike that she’s staying in North Carolina this week while her daughter recovers from surgery. Kat said Marilyn is “skin and bones and barely weighs 100 pounds now” after her sickness and hospital stay. Kat said she’s going to cook some good meals for her and put some things in the freezer for later. I like Kat’s food a lot so Marilyn is sure lucky!!

Kat said Marilyn is doing well, but it was kind of scary her being so sick. She said during surgery her heart even stopped beating and they had to press on her chest to restart her heart. I know I’m just a puppy, but that sounds pretty serious. I can feel my heart beating and I think it’s really important.

This week will be more long days with Kat gone. But I will be so happy when she gets home finally!!!

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