And The Months Pass By

I am five months old this week!

I weigh 35 pounds now! Kat says I am looking bigger and bigger. She cried when she got back from her two week stay with her sick daughter. She said she had missed two weeks of my puppy-ness. And she said I looked really big and doggy! I’m trying to make up for it by still ACTING like a puppy!

I love to play and run and jump. Playing fetch with the ball is my favorite game!

Kat is proud of me for always ringing the bell to go outside now. I very seldom have accidents in the house, and I know to go in the yard to do my business.

At night Mike and Kat have even let me start sleeping in the bed with them. I was super excited the first night when instead of telling me to go in my crate they helped me onto their bed. I quickly calmed down and slept like a happy dog all night.

I like getting older and bigger if it means learning and earning new privileges!

I think I’ll keep trying to learn what Kat teaches me!

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