Yorktown Bark-down

Today Kat took me to a new and fun place that I’d never seen before called Yorktown.

We walked along a sidewalk and then left the path to look at some sand and water. It’s called a beach. I’d never been on one before so it was fun to explore and feel the water on my furry feet!

The movement of the water kind of startled me and sometimes I would see little things swimming around. That was strange and made me jump. But I still loved the water!

I barked a little at a lady when I first got there. She was just lying there very still on the sand. I’m not sure why. It was weird. So I barked.

I also barked at a lady coming out of the river. She was kind of big and was moving very slowly through the water close to me. It was something I’d never seen before and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. So I barked.

We walked along the river and saw a big bridge. Kat said Mike drives over that bridge every day to go to work and back.

We saw lots of people and lots of dogs. I sniffed and met a few of them like Octavia the golden retriever and Michu the Great Pyrenees.

I saw a pretty ship sailing through the river. I saw a few historic sites where famous stuff happened a long time ago before I was born. Kat seemed to know more about that kind of thing than I did.

It was a fun Friday morning. I’m worn out now. Time for an afternoon nap!!

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