Topaz Trot

Today I got to do something exciting that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I got to go running with Kat!!

Actually it was a run-walk-run-walk-run-walk… Kat said I need to be older and bigger and more mature to run the entire way. I think I could do it, but Kat said it’s better for me to wait. That’s ok, as long as I still get to go!

Kat has a belt that she put around her waist and she hooked a stretchy leash to it and me. So we were connected running partners.

Kat said I needed to stay on her left side, not pull, not stop and sniff everything, and not get in front of her. I tried to do all those things and she said I did pretty good for my first run!

When we got home I was really too hot to trot and very thirsty. Kat put ice in my water bowl to help with my cool down. I love ice!

After my iced drink cool down I asked Kat to play ball with me but she said it was time to rest. So I took her advice

I hope we run again tomorrow. And every day! I like runs!

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