Topazin’ To Texas

Yesterday we got up really early while it was still dark, got back in the car, and left Kat’s daughter’s place in Ohio.

I was still pretty sleepy since it was so early. Good thing Kat said she would drive!

Kat said it would be a long day of driving because we were going to Texas! I was excited because I like riding in the car with Kat, and I had never been to Texas and it sounded fun and I knew Kat was from there!

We drove and drove and I slept and slept. Kat said it was the first time she’d been in a few states we drove through. It was for me, too, although I slept through most of it!

We started in Ohio and then drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and THEN we finally got to Texas!

We stopped a bunch of times so Stewart and I could stretch and sniff.

It was always new and exciting each time we stopped!

I found an old black sock lying on the ground.

Kat told me to drop it. So I did.

I guess we have enough socks at home.

Sometimes Stewart and I snuggled up together. He’s my beastie buddy.

At long last after it was already dark again we got to Kat’s mom’s house in Texas!!! I had never met her so I said hello!

I like her house and yard. She has a little door just my size so I can go out

and come in

without even ringing a bell!

It’s going to be a fun week here in Texas!!


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