Good Times at Grandma’s!

Kat’s mom in Texas calls me her grand-dog. She says I have a happy face. I AM happy at Grandma’s house!

There are lots of things I like to do here.

I like to sleep with Kat in the tall bed by the window. Sometimes I hear things in the dark and I bark. Kat’s nightly nudges and “shhhhh’s” let me know she doesn’t seem to like my wee morning hour woofs so much, though.

I like to help grandma practice her church piano music.

It’s nice listening to her play!

I like helping Kat’s sister in the kitchen. She’s a really good cook like Kat!

I like digging in the sandy sandy soil. Boy can I get that Texas dirt a-flyin!

I like resting in the shade of the oak trees and chewing on blades of grass.

It’s hotter here than at home in Virginia and the shade feels good.

I like my Texas-size water bowl!

Grandma saw how much water we were drinking so she pulled out the big guns so we’d have plenty to quench our thirst!

I like dogging around in Grandma’s big yard.

There are always new things to explore and investigate!

I love being able to come and go inside and outside whenever I want to.

Dog doors are nifty and neat!

I like all the old pictures and stuff sitting around.

It’s homey and cozy and comfortable here.

I like sitting in the den with Grandma and Kat’s sister just enjoying the time with family.

Family time is the best time! I like it at Grandma’s house!!


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