Spay Day… No Play

Yesterday morning Kat and I got into the car and I thought we were going on a fun adventure.

The day had not been so normal already because I did not have breakfast. I love food and really didn’t understand why I couldn’t eat. But I still could play!

And run around outside.

We only had a short car ride.

And then we arrived at my vet’s office.

We waited a few minutes in the big room before being called back to the little room.

Kat talked to the nurse a few minutes and then I said goodbye before she took me through the door.

I was really friendly to everyone because I love people. But they did some pretty weird things to me. They used this thing called a razor and shaved all the hair off a place on my arm and part of my belly. Maybe they thought I was a poodle?

Then they stuck me with a needle and I got sick to my stomach. Dr. Betts told me he was going to do surgery on me and that he would take good care of me. He said he was going to use a laparoscope to remove my ovaries so I wouldn’t ever have to worry about going into heat, getting pregnant and having puppies. I wasn’t really worried about those things, but oh well!

He said this surgery would also help me stay healthy and not get some cancers when I get older. I trust Dr. Betts and like him, so I thought I’d go along with it all. Then I fell asleep.

I’m not sure what all they did to me while I was asleep. But I had some weird dreams about green sheets, long probes, and rocking tables. I’m glad it was only a dream!


When I woke up I felt extremely drowsy and strange. But I was happy to be awake and happy to be alive so I wagged my tail and said hello to all the staff.

Finally a nice lady came and got me and we walked through the door. And there was Kat and Mike!!!

I had missed them a lot!!!

I was happy to be heading home!!

When we got home I wanted to run and play in our yard.

But Kat didn’t let me out of the truck right away. She kept me on my leash. She said I will need to take it easy for awhile.

I said hello to Stewart and he said hello to me. I think he missed me!

He checked out my shave and scar. He thinks it’s weird, too, and he said I smell funny.

Mike took me out for a walk after we got home. We saw a box turtle in our front yard. It was really strange looking and walked slowly and awkwardly along the walkway.

I wonder if anyone ever tells him HE has to take it easy. It seems like he just does it on his own anyway!

We said goodbye to the turtle and went back inside. I wanted to play ball while Mike and Kat were eating dinner, but Mike said no, I need to “take it easy”. I have a feeling I’m going to get tired of hearing that!

When we went to bed Kat put this plastic thing around my neck. She said it would help keep my wound safe so I wouldn’t be tempted to lick it. I did not like it at all.

Kat took pity on me and changed her strategy. Instead she got one of Mike’s T-shirt’s for me to wear. I didn’t think it was particularly flattering or comfortable either, but it WAS better than the cone!

Goodnight strange spay day. I’m glad I never have to see you again!


  1. Topaz, I am glad your surgery is over and you are doing well. God’s blessings are being showered on you by having a family that is keeping you healthy and safe. Your friend, Carlene

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