Today has been a week of never ending excitement. There have always been things going on to keep me on my toes since Kat’s daughter and two granddaughters have been visiting!

Kat has seemed a little preoccupied, but it’s ok because I’ve been hanging around her granddaughters.

The oldest likes to go outside with me in the yard. She also lets me trot along when she rides her tricycle around the house. It’s fun because she gives me lots of treats as she rides!I stick close to her and like having her around because she’s really nice to me!

Kat’s youngest granddaughter is fun, too, but she doesn’t always like me licking her hands. She calls me Paz. When I get too close for her comfort she says, “No Paz!” I think it’s kind of funny.

Sometimes I stop, but sometimes I wait till Kat tells me to “Leave It.”

I really like having company!

Family is fun!

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