Topaz Training 101 – Back to School

I began a new round of classes this week! I’ve been on a break since I finished my puppy class in May. Kat says we’ve grown a little lax working on some things so we need to pick up the pace some!

I don’t know… I kind of like “lax”!

As we drove to my class I began to get excited as I recognized familiar things.


Once we got there I said hello to the other dogs in my class.


There are only two.

One is another golden retriever named Jamie. I found out that Jamie is working toward being a therapy dog, too. So maybe someday we can go on golden visits together!!

My other classmate is a chocolate lab named Conan. Sometimes Conan would look at me funny and weird me out so I would woof a low woof. Some things still make me nervous.

When Conan gave me “the look” Kat would tell ME to look at her and not at him. That helped! She also gave me treats. I like that, too!

We reviewed a ton of things I learned from my puppy class. I had to watch Kat a lot.

And I was pretty happy to do it as long as she gave me little tidbit treats.

I did a lot of sitting and staying. Over and over and over.

I’d really rather jump and run and play!

I went down and stayed a lot, too.

Kat told me I was a good girl, even though sometimes I got distracted and didn’t listen to or do what she was saying. She’s encouraging like that.

Walking around on my leash was fun, but I had to stay right with Kat even though I really wanted to leap like a gazelle, run ahead and explore.

Once class was over we got back in Mike’s truck to go home. All this classwork is hard work and I was worn out!

I will keep dreaming of the day when I am finally ready to be a therapy dog!

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