Movies and Marley – Laughter and Tears

Tonight Kat and Mike watched a movie called Marley and Me. I laid in my spot on the cool floor with my eyes closed through most of it. But I could still hear what was going on.

The movie was about a couple who got a retriever (lab) puppy and how they all lived and loved life together.

That sounded like a vaguely familiar story!

The movie dog liked to run and play and chew up things. I could relate to that.

The main personage character was a newspaper columnist who included humorous things about Marley in his columns. I guess Marley didn’t have a blog like me, so he let his human do the writing.

I heard Mike and Kat react a lot as the movie played out. I think something sad happened in the middle of the movie, because I heard Kat sniffle a little bit when the mom was at the obstetrician getting an ultrasound. I heard the movie doctor say, “we can’t find a heartbeat.” And I heard Kat sniffle and sigh quietly like she understood their pain.

Marley did a lot of funny things and I heard Mike and Kat laugh a lot. Sometimes Kat would lean over and look at me while she was laughing.

One thing I did not have in common with Marley. Marley was not trained to behave very well, and they said he was the worst dog. I am trying really hard to be well trained so I can be a therapy dog.

At the very end of the movie I heard Kat crying. She called me over and I jumped up beside her and let her snuggle with me. I don’t like to see her sad.

So we cuddled on the couch for awhile until she felt better. I’m always happy to curl up beside Kat.

There is another movie called Marley and Me 2. So I may have to hop into action again with some Topaz therapy if they watch that one, too! But I don’t mind!

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