Church Chairs and Change

Today started off nicely because Mike didn’t have to leave early as usual to go to his work. I heard Kat and him mention a holiday and something about a Day of Columbus or some such thing. I’m not sure what it’s all about, but I’m glad Mike has been home! Columbus is an A-ok guy in my book and I like his special day.

Not long after Kat got up she got my leash out and I got excited because fun things usually happen whenever I see the leash. This time was no exception!! I got in the truck with Kat and Mike and they said we were going to move chairs.

Their church is moving from a small storefront building in Mathews to a larger brick church building in Gloucester.

We were the first ones there because Mike likes to arrive at places early. Mike got busy loading up chairs in his truck.

Other people from their church showed up and I got to meet them all. That was fun, and they were all really nice!

Once we got things loaded up we headed to the new church building. It is a lot bigger and more “churchy” looking. I liked exploring in and around it while Mike and the others took in chairs and things.

After we left church we went home via Chick-Fil-A. It smelled good but they didn’t get me anything. Kat did give me a bite of her chicken, though! I was getting tired so I was happy to be heading home.

I wish I could go to church with Mike and Kat all the time!!

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