Open Roads

Kat told me a neat story today about God. He made my doggie self, gives me air to breath, gives me love of life itself and… I like hearing about Him!

On Monday I got to help Mike and Kat and other folks move chairs and things from their old church building to their new one. At the new church I saw a sign outside saying “Road Closed.” Kat told me that Indian Road (the road the church is on) has been closed since July 31 because a portion of it washed out due to a sinkhole.

Kat said that is the way they need to go to church from our house.

She said Virginia Department of Transportation has been working on the road, but she hadn’t heard when it would be finished. Some people were saying it wouldn’t be till November. But Kat said God’s timing is perfectly amazing!

Tonight is the very first official service in the new church building and Sunday is the first official Sunday service.

YESTERDAY Indian Road opened to the public:

– the day before the first service!

– just at the right moment!

– God’s perfect timing!

Kat was really excited and animated as she told me all this and she said, “Isn’t God amazing in His sovereignty?!” I had to look up that word since I’m just a puppy. It basically means that God is in control of all things – even roads!

I think that means He has everything to do with me becoming a therapy dog, too. That’s what Kat has been telling me! I’m glad I’m not having to try to do it on my own!

And I’m glad He made the way for Kat and Mike to go to their new church building! I hope they’ll take me with them sometimes!

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