Won’t You Play With Me?

Ever since I was a puppy I have loved jumping on Stewart and trying to play with him. Right at first he didn’t like me much, but once he got to know me we became fast friends!

On Saturday Stewart starting acting kind of weird and stumbly-bumbly. Kat was gone to a church lady retreat, so it was just Mike, me, and Stew at home. And we still had no power.

Mike picked Stewart up and put him in the truck and put me in the dark house. I had no idea what in the world was going on. I just knew I was all alone for the first time ever.

I waited a really really really long time and finally Mike and Stewart got home. Mike was carrying Stewart and talking to him sweetly. Mike is like that.

Mike said Stewart has something called vestibular disease. Stewart has all the symptoms – loss of balance, head tilt, weird eye movement, nausea. But he said Stewart should get better and be ok eventually. I was so happy to hear that because I miss him playing with me and digging and dogging around the yard with me!

I’ve still been trying to play and jump on Stewart, but when I do he falls down and Kat keeps telling me to “leave it.” I sure hope he gets better soon because I miss my dog buddy and he’s just not himself now.


  1. I am so sorry that Stewart is sick, Topaz. I will pray and ask God to comfort Stew and help him feel better. I will also ask God to be with you and comfort you as you are concerned about your friend. We will have faith with hope that the two of you will be playing soon. You are a sweet friend.

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