Boom Shakalaka

A few nights ago I was in bed early with Kat because she’s been under the weather. Mike was down in his office. Right in the midst of a nice Kat cuddle we heard a loud BOOM BOOM and the whole house shook like SHAKALAKA.

Kat and I jumped out of bed and called down to Mike saying, “What was that? What was that?” Well, Kat said that anyway. I just wagged my tail and ran downstairs!

Mike got the flashlight and went outside to investigate. He quickly saw the source of the exploding sound. The giant leaning tree

that had been uprooted in the storm last month had fallen!

The tree looks even longer lying on the ground than it does leaning in the air. It stretches out across almost half of the entire front yard.

Today I have been helping Mike and Kat work in the yard clearing out fallen tree debris. We have gotten a lot done. It’s big fun and I LOVE it when we all work in the yard together.

Sometimes I like to play hide and seek in the brush.

And I am always up for a round of tug of war with tree limbs.

I like to play lots of fetch the tree branches, too.

Mike and Kat’s friend, Mr. Jim came over and helped for awhile and took some firewood for his wood stove. He said I looked like a good helper!

Even though we got a lot done Mike and Kat said there is still lots and lots and lots to do. I’m glad because I like yard work a LOT!!

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