Looking Forward – A New Year!

It’s a brand new year! I’m not sure I completely grasp the concept of time, but I do know that I love living every minute God gives me. I’m a happy dog!

One thing I really love is doing things with Kat and being around people. She said we will be doing a LOT of things together this year.

Next week we will begin another training class. That will be loads of fun! And it is one step closer to my therapy dog certification.

Kat said we also will be going out a lot more together and trying to meet as many people as we can. She said there are lots of stores I can go in and lots of places we can go to walk and be around people. She said the more we are out and about the more prepared I will be to be a therapy dog.

For today I’m just happy to be by Kat’s side. She and Mike left for several days to spend the holidays with their daughters. While they were gone a nice lady named Cristin came a few times a day, fed Stewart and me, and let us romp around outside awhile. I always was super happy to see her. But I was super duper almost in a stupor happy to see Mike and Kat last night when they got home!!! I’ve been sticking close to Kat ever since.

It will be a great year as I look forward to the day I can put on my therapy dog bandana and go on visits with Kat to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, or wherever God leads us!! I can hardly wait. But I’ll do it for a treat!

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  1. Sounds like an exciting and rewarding path forward. You’re a fast learner and will do fine. Plus you have an excellent trainer an teacher in Kat.

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