Buddy – You’re Not Mine

Today on my walk with Kat I had an unexpected and unwelcome encounter with a big furry dog. It was kind of distressing for both Kat and me!

He came out of nowhere and he wasn’t very nice or friendly. His ears were splayed back in a disturbing way and his hackles were raised and menacing.

He sniffed and sniffed and sniffed, and I just let him and clung close to Kat. She was telling him to go home and trying to help alleviate the tension, but he wasn’t listening very well.

A man driving by in a car noticed the potential problem and stopped and tried to help, but he didn’t get out and didn’t really help at all. We were on our own.

The mean dog finally left us and we kept walking further away. But when his owner came out of the house he ran speedily back across the road and began charging at us and becoming even more aggressive. I thought he was going to tear into me this go-round.

The owner lady began calling him, but he didn’t respond to her or listen to her. She slowly came across the street and put a leash on him and said, “Buddy, how did you get out?” Then she led him away from us and we were safe.

She didn’t apologize to us for not-my-Buddy’s bad behavior. Kat and I thought he was very rude. He certainly did NOT live up to his name.

I’m glad I can put it all behind me and be happy anyway. And I was glad to be back on my nice quiet road!

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  1. Safely back on your less traveled, familiar road full of life lessons and not the road filled with aggression and danger. Glad you and Kat made it safely back.

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