The BIG Sleep

This week started out with all the usual things at home in Virginia. Digging and running around the yard, playing ball with Kat, eating, sleeping… you know, all the important things in life!

I went to my dog class Wednesday night. Kat said if they gave a “most improved” award I would win it! I have been trying to pay attention and do what I’m told – mostly! I still get caught up in all the excitement and that makes it hard to concentrate on what Kat is saying. Next week is class graduation day!

Yesterday was a different kind of day. It started really really early in the morning when Kat packed up the car and put my harness on. She had put my bed in the car, too, which is different than the usual ride around town.

We got in the car and took off. And boy did we go and go and go all day. So I mostly slept and slept and sleptand slept.I don’t think I’ve ever slept that long, because we drove almost an entire day – all the way to Texas!

We stopped a few times and walked around. That was fun!

During the long drive Kat didn’t sleep, but she listened to something on the car speakers. She said it was called an audible book. That means it talks, I think. Sometimes when Kat glanced over at me she was crying. I heard her tell her sister on the phone that the book, “The Insanity of God” by Nik Ripken, was so good.

She said God is so good and amazing! I like it when Kat tells me about God.

Finally, early this morning we got to Kat’s mom’s house in Texas. I call her grandma, and she calls me her granddog. I like that!

And I love being at grandma’s house where I can go in and out the dog door,

run around and sniff her nice big yard,

look in the stray cat bowls for food,

listen to Grandma and Kat’s sister and Kat play and sing music to God,

And just enjoy my golden life that God has given me!


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