Sniffs, Snuffles, Snuggles, and Swabs

This has been a chill week hanging close to the house. I haven’t really gone anywhere lately and it’s been raining a lot.

I love the rain and the wet weather and mud puddles and moisture. I think Kat is getting tired of it, though. She had the mop out a lot yesterday and almost every time I saw her she was swabbing the entryway.

The front doormat says “Welcome” but I don’t think that salutation includes my muddy paws!

Today Kat sighed and said she was giving up for now on having clean floors.

I’m not sure I understand the significance of this word “clean” so I am having trouble sympathizing with her. In my world “fun” trumps everything!

Speaking of fun, Kat made me a special thing this week. She calls it a snuffle mat. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but I soon realized the reward of my snuffles and sniffs. Steak!! Apparently Kat likes to hide yummy treasures amidst all the crevices and folds of the mat, and all I have to do is sniff, snuffle, sniff, snuffle to find it all. It’s fun to find tasty treats! I kept going back to look in the mat throughout the day, so I’m hoping some more goodies will appear before long!

Grandma is still visiting from Texas, and I like it that she’s been home with us. Sometimes in the morning I like to jump in bed with her for some snuggle time.

She said she didn’t mind, but I did hear her tell Kat that I was a bed hog. I thought she knew I was a dog, not a hog?! I love having grandma here!

And just in case I haven’t said it lately, I love my golden life!

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