A Grand Ole Time

This past week has been exciting and enjoyable and active. Kat’s grandkids were visiting and we did a lot of fun things at home together.

We had a tea party.

We read books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

We squeezed in some training and Kat’s granddaughter gave me lots and lots of treats.

And lots of hugs.

I got some good back rubs from Kat’s daughter while they played games at the table.

Kat’s newest little grandkid was cute and funny. He smiled a lot and sometimes stuff came out of his mouth and landed on the floor. I helped clean that up when I wasn’t sleeping.

After they got home from church Mike and Kat took pictures with all their little grands. I snuck in for some successful photobombing.

I didn’t quite get my funny face going like I wanted though. Oh well!

It sure has been quiet with all the kids gone. I hope they come see us again soon!

But until then I still get my cuddles from Kat

and Mike

So life is still golden and great!

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