Goodbye Grandma… For Now

This morning Kat brought Grandma’s blanket in from the car. I buried my head in it and took a big sniff. It smelled like and reminded me of her and made me miss her. So I stood in the room where she’d been staying and looked at the blanket and looked at Kat and looked at the blanket and looked at Kat as I tried to make sense of it all.

Where did Grandma go?

Kat and I had driven down to Texas in February to bring Grandma home with us so she’d been here for almost a month. And I got used to having her here with us.

I especially like her piano playing time.

But now she’s gone away.

Kat said she will be coming back, though, in July. To STAY!! I will like having her here! Kat said there is a lot we will need to do to get ready for grandma to come live with us permanently.

Mike will be moving his office upstairs. So my early mornings with Mike might look a little different I guess. I’ll still find his lap no matter where he is!

Kat will be painting Grandma’s new room downstairs and getting it all set up nice and neat.

There are things I will need to do, too, Kat said. I will not be able to continue my dog obedience and therapy dog prep classes right now because we will be busy getting things ready for Grandma. But Kat says I still will need to be working hard on my obedience with her so I am especially well-mannered and gentle when Grandma gets here. Kat said my official certification and work as a therapy dog will need to be put on hold for a little while, but when Grandma returns in July I unofficially will be working as a therapy dog every single day as I love on Grandma and let her pet me and love on me!

I love grandma so having her here will be enjoyable and good practice for that day when I am officially a therapy dog!


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