Blowers, Rakes, Balls, and Chuckers

The last couple of weeks Kat and I have been in the yard a LOT. I love being outside with Kat!

Kat made lots of noise with this thing that blew the leaves all around. She picked up the leaves with her two rakes and dumped them on the other side of the fence. It made some wide open, nice bouncy space for my ball. Now it’s a lot easier to find my ball without all the leaf piles everywhere.

One time Kat threw the ball and I got very distressed. Unbeknownst to Kat, the ball bounced OVER the fence. I went and tried to tell her but it took awhile for me to get her to understand exactly where the ball was. She kept telling me I was the one with the stellar sniffing dog nose so I needed to find my ball. My nose works great and I KNEW where it was, but I just couldn’t get to it. FINALLY Kat saw it on the other side of the fence and she went to fetch it for me. And I thought I was the retriever!

I was one happy dog when she tossed it back over the fence into my happily awaiting clutches!

In case you didn’t know I REALLY love chewing and chasing my ball. Kat does know it, so she recently brought this thing home called a chucker. Now when she chucks my ball across the yard with the chucker it goes FAR and I really have to RUN to get it. I get tired and out of breath chasing my ball over and over and over again and again. But…


It’s a happy, golden life on beautiful spring days in the yard!


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