A Shifting and Some Sunshine

This week has been a topsy turvy time in our house. Remember I said grandma is moving in with us in July?


Well, we began the big shifting of rooms to get the house and her room ready! It’s been kinda crazy and discombobulated in almost all the rooms, but especially Mike’s downstairs office!

It sure looks different without the desk and bookcases and all the furniture!

There’s still a lot of stuff lying around, but Mike said he’d get it all out and organized this weekend. Kat said then she would begin cleaning and painting. I hope she lets me help! I’m pretty good at offering my assistance at a moment’s notice – like when I jumped in to help Mike put his desk back together in the new upstairs room!

I’m not sure he could’ve done it without me!

I got to help the Sunshine ladies yesterday, too!! They came over to our house for lunch and to put some flower vases together to take to the nursing home. I love it when they come over because they give me lots of pets and pats and attention!

I shook Ms. Donna’s paw to say “Howdy”.

I helped Ms. Carlene sweep.

I got some great back rubs from Ms. Sharon.

And Ms. Madelyn was nice to me, too! I liked watching her arrange the flowers so beautifully!

I got to show the ladies the tricks I’ve been working on with Kat.

They all said I was really smart and well mannered. That made me so happy!

God has surely blessed me with a super Sunshiny golden life!


  1. Topaz, that WAS a fun day. I’m glad you’re growing up & becoming so helpful! We enjoy coming to visit you even with your rambunctious way of greeting us, lol! ❤🐶

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