Daffodils, Dancing Dogs, and All Kinds of People.

Sunday after Mike and Kat got home from church they told me I could get in the truck to go with them to something called the Daffodil Festival. I didn’t know what it was but I soon found out!

We parked and walked down Main Street in Gloucester and there were lots and lots of people everywhere, as well as dogs and booths and smells and noise and excitement. Everywhere I turned there was something new in the air. My sniffer was going crazy!

There was so much to see and hear and smell!

I got to meet and say hello to this year’s Daffodil Queen, and last year’s, too. They are sisters!

Kat said she has known these sweet young ladies ever since they were little girls shorter than her. That must have been a while back!

I saw lots and lots of daffodils all around.

Some people were even wearing them!

We looked around in some of the booths and saw some very strange dogs. Some were dancing.

Some just stood there perfectly still like they were frozen.

We saw a bunch of normal dogs like me, too.

We saw tons and tons of people of all shapes and sizes, too!

Some wanted to pet me. I liked that!

It was a fun and happy and golden day!


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