Goodness Gracious Great Balls -n- Fire Pits!

Recently Kat and Mike got busy working on an outdoor project called a fire pit. Of course I was eager to help so I grabbed the measuring string. Now what do I do with it?

We got everything measured and marked and then headed to Lowe’s for supplies.

We found everything we needed there.

So we bought the supplies and got them loaded into the truck.

Along with a few kisses mixed in.

Then we headed back home to get to work.

I like looking out the window. It’s good for sniffing!

When we got home we got everything unloaded.

And I managed to squeeze in a few more kisses.

There was lots of digging to do, so that was right up my alley!

I took some breaks when I got tired.

Everything was coming together very nicely.

But we still had a lot to do.

Helping is fun!

We got the ground cover all dumped and spread out.

Kat said I looked kind of like a big bag of pea gravel.

Can you find me?

I’m the bag with the big smile!

Finally we got everything done and in place.

I wasn’t so sure what the pit was for, but since I’d helped dig it it seemed like a good place to put my ball.

I finally got to see what they meant by “fire” pit!

Life is golden sitting around our fire pit!


  1. Topaz, what a great help you were! I’m sure they loved your kisses. Um you did get your ball out of the pit before they started the fire right? ~nose nudges Belle Pup

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Belle! I did get my ball! I kept putting it in the pit, but once the fire started I decided to hold onto it. 😉
      Love, Topaz


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