Puppy Painting Party

Kat and Mike have been working hard getting the house ready for Kat’s mom to move in with them in July. That included painting grandma’s room!

Of course I helped as much as I could. Well, to be honest mostly I really just wanted Kat to play ball with me.

But mostly she was usually too busy.

So our painting party wasn’t as fun as I’d imagined it could be.

Because it seemed like all we ever did was just lie around.

Kat went up on these tall portable steps. I tried to get up there, too, but I didn’t quite get the hang of it.

So I just went back to my window watching.

I got bored and decided to make my own merriment. That roll of paper towels Kat was using in the paint room was the perfect shredding toy.

All this painting took lots of supervision and overseeing the job site. I was up to the task.

But it sure did wear me out.

I have the battle scars to prove I worked hard.

It’s just another day in my golden life (with a little eternal blue added for embellishment!)

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