Home now…

I got to my forever home on Saturday night and I’ve been spending the last two days exploring and getting used to everything and everyone. There is a lot to see and do here!

I have a big yard to explore, so Kat and I walked up the driveway and through the trees and all around the front and back. I’m going to have fun chasing squirrels and running through the leaves.

She showed me her herb garden and told me when the weather warms up some more she will need my help and company working in it to make it look pretty. I can help her dig, I’ll bet!

There is lots to look at indoors, too!

I am finding lots of fun things to chew on. I like to chew… A LOT!

Kat follows me around and keeps a close watch on me. Lots of times when I’m chewing on something – like the couch, the chair, the carpet, her pants leg, the guitar stand, the electrical cord – she hands me one of my toys. I like chewing on my toys, too, so I don’t mind!

I’ve been learning to climb up and down the stairs. I’ve got the hang of the uppies, but not the downies. Kat said she doesn’t mind carrying me down the stairs till I can figure it out.

I go outside a lot, and every time Kat takes me out she pushes my nose up against a bell by the door.

I don’t mind it, but I don’t really understand why she does it. Usually when I go outside I “go” outside. That seems to make Kat happy because she cheers when I “go”, at least when I’m in the yard. For some reason she doesn’t cheer when I “go” in the house.

Stewart seems to like me a little better now, but he won’t really play with me. He still growls some and that makes me kind of scared of him, but not too much. When I first got here I thought he looked like my mom so I tried a bunch of times to find a teat for a quick milk snack. He didn’t like that at all, and I didn’t like it either because I came away still thirsty.

Kat has been here at home with me most of the time, but she has left me two times. When she leaves she puts me in this crate near the front door. I don’t really like it and I cry.

At night I have a bedtime crate upstairs. I didn’t think I would like that crate either, but Kat got in it with me to show me how nice it was. She petted me and made me feel safe. Then we both got out and she left the crate’s door open. So when I got tired it seemed like a cozy place to go to sleep. I woke up the next morning and cried to get out, so Kat came and let me out. I think I will get used to this eventually.

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