Who Is That Masked Mutt?

I found some exciting things to do outside today. Mud puddles are BIG fun!

Kat came around to see what I was doing in the back yard.

Here I am, Kat!

She watched me play for awhile, but she didn’t jump in and join me for some reason. Then she went over to the mulch hill, filled up a bucket, and put the mulch in the hole. It’ll take some extra hard digging to get my loblolly back!

I ran around the yard for a bit and enjoyed my mud mask caking and baking on my face. I’ll bet it’ll be good for my complexion!

When we went in the house something quite unexpected happened that I have not experienced before, and I wasn’t so keen on. Kat called it “bath-time”.

But it is kinda nice being all clean and it makes me feel really zippy and frisky!

But now I’m worn out!

Toodles while I take a time out!

Love, Topaz


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