Puppy Class – Kat + Mike = Obedient Still

Since Kat is still gone I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go to my puppy class last night. But I was happy when Mike told me he was taking me!

I helped him check for traffic before we pulled out onto the road. All clear!

When we got to class Mike talked to my teacher to find out what to do since he’s never been there before. I tried to be extra good for Mike!

I sat on my mat and waited for class to begin.

While Kat has been gone helping her daughter in North Carolina Mike has been helping me keep up with my puppy class homework. He tells me to “watch”, and has me sit, stay, down, stay. I haven’t forgotten anything while Kat is away. So I was ready for class!

I stayed when Mike told me to stay, even when he walked far away from me.

I didn’t bark too much at the other dogs.

And I listened to Mike and the instructor when they told me to do things.

When class was over we headed home. I was pretty tired from all the learning and practice!

I’m so happy and thankful that Mike was able to take me to class. I want to be a therapy dog and this class is the first step toward my goal!

Thanks, Mike! I think I’ll lie down at your feet now. ❤️


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