Tripping and Topazing

Yesterday was new and long and exciting and interesting!

We are road tripping cross country visiting family and having fun!!!

The day began very early when I got up before daylight and saw Kat loading up the car. She had already put a bunch of things in it the day before so I knew something was up. I kept trying to get in then, but Kat kept saying “not today.” I was glad when “today” was finally today.

Oh… and Kat said I needed a bath before we left. So that had to happen before “today” came.

We had to say goodbye to Mike. He had to stay behind to work.

That was kinda sad.

We drove a really long way to Ohio. Kat’s daughter and family just recently moved to Ohio. Kat says she’s never been to Ohio. Neither have I!!

During the drive I mostly slept.

And slept.

We did stop sometimes and Kat would take us for a dog walk. A sign said walk, but I really wanted to RUN!!Kat had gotten a new leash where she can walk Stewart and me at the same time. We’re still getting used to it!

And all the newness of everything is really exciting!

And after being cooped up in a car it’s fun to play!

But sometimes we decide to move in the same direction.

We stopped in West Virginia. That’s where I was born!!

Mostly I rode up in the front seat of the car with Kat. I like being by her side.

But sometimes I went back to see what Stewart was up to.

Finally we got to Ohio!!!

We said our hellos. Then we went for a walk in the woods.

And we played in the park.

It was a good day!!

Road trips with Kat are fun!


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